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Modern Dance

Summer Programme 2023







Due to popular demand we are happy to announce our

Summer Afternoon Programmes


Hip Hop, Commercial and Modern Dance

Classes will be held at the JCDC Studios between :

Part 1:

11th July – 10th August

No classes

15th / 16th / 17th August

Part 2:

22nd August – 7th September

Classes will be conducted by 

Federica Nicastro, Head of JCDC Modern Dance Faculty


Chloe Scicluna, this year’s winner of Brillanti Dance Competition.

These classes will allow the students to experience and enjoy more varied dance styles

throughout the Summer months.

Students attending the JCDC Mornings Summer Programme will also be able to claim a refund of the fees paid for these classes, as well as those paid for the morning programme through the

Summer School Tax Rebate Scheme JCDC is listed for.

Students wishing to attend the afternoon classes will be able to stay at the school throughout the entire day.

Classes will be held on:




TEENS - 2.30-3.30

10-12 YRS - 3.30-4.30

6-9 YRS - 4.30-5.30

Fees :

1 class per week - Euro 65 for 8 weeks

2 classes per week - Euro 120 for 8 weeks

3 classes per week - Euro 170 for 8 weeks

Apply directly via this google form:

Please do not hesitate to contact the administration office if you need further assistance.

Let’s celebrate summer through DANCE!


Martina Camilleri Bondin

This year has been AMAZING , FUN and I made lots and lots of new friends!! I also learnt many, MANY new things, I even got much more flexible too! I also love the idea that this school gives us lots of opportunities, like in competitions and shows! Apart from that, we have summer school, which is spectacular! It’s a combination of fun and learning, which is perfect! To summarize, this is the best experience of my life joining this school Thank you millions,

Jean Karl Grech

As a parent, I look for activities that bring out the best in my child’s character, build confidence, encourage discipline, and entice physical development. JCDC hits the mark on all aspects and more. My daughter is ecstatic to belong to the JCDC family and will not have it any other way.


Being a JCDC student myself in my younger years, the choice for my daughter was obvious. JCDC has a professional, yet fun environment that feels like family. The teaching method used is disciplined and at a high level of artistry. And the best part is, my daughter couldn’t be happier!!


Ana Stajkovic Georgalakis

My daughter has been dancing since she was five years old, but has undergone a transformation after walking through your friendly doors, where she feels like her second home . You've encouraged her passion and given her numerous chances to improve her abilities and compete at a higher level. The chances you give your students through rehearsals and competitions along with your super teachers and choreographers, make JCDC truly exceptional. I'm very grateful and thank you for everything!

Melanie Grech
Parent, Ex-student

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