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Payment Policy

The school operates on average 36 weeks annually. Fees are worked out according to the course/s attended and are divided into three payments that reflect the fees due for approximately 12 weeks depending on the duration of the respective term.

Invoices for the term fees due will be sent via email prior to the start of each term/programme and are payable within the first week of each term.
There are three terms annually with Christmas Holidays in December, Easter Holidays in March or April (depending on the calendar year) and Mid Term Holidays in November and February.

The school runs a Summer Programme with its own packages between July and September and no classes are held during Santa Marija week.

Consumer Statement of Understanding
Withdrawals: in order to withdraw from a course officially, a student (parents and guardians for students under the age of 18) must state his or her intentions in writing to the school director a month before their last class. Additionally, the students must contact the administration office to clear up any outstanding debts and to make sure that records are in order. A change of status form must also be completed.
Refund will only be given if a billing error is made. No refund will be given for a term’s fee should a student decide to terminate classes within that term. A student will be expected to pay the fee for the next term, unless a change of status form is completed one month before the end of the current term. Fees cannot be transferred from one term to another should a student fail to attend any classes.
Under no circumstances will the deposit on term fees be refunded.

Students will be prohibited to re-enroll for a new academic year if they have any unpaid balances of fees from the previous academic year.
LIABILITY WAIVER: Students shall hold the Dance Conservatoire harmless from any loss, theft, cost claim, injury, or liability incurred at the school except resulting from the negligence of the Conservatoire and its Employees.

Fees & Payments

Fees from Parent & Child Class to Grade 6 Level are calculated at an hourly rate of €7.50 per hour. Students attending the full programmes available at these levels  pay a discounted rate of €6.50 per hour.

Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate fees are calculated at an hourly rate of
€7.50 per hour for Ballet, Modern Theatre, Contemporary and  Tap. 
€10.00 for Grado 7 Spanish and €15.00 for Intermedio Spanish.

Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 fees are calculated at an hourly rate of 
€8.50 per hour for Ballet and Modern Theatre.
€10.00 per hour for Contemporary.
€15.00 for Tap.
€15.00 for Intermedio Spanish and €20.00 for Avvanzado Spanish.

Fees are calculated on Terms that are 12 weeks long. 
Since our fees are heavily subsidized a minimum number of six participants is required to run any of the courses.

We would like to encourage parents, guardians and students to promote our courses with relatives and friends. Regular updates on the school are posted on our Facebook Page:
@johanecasabenedanceconservatoire which we also invite you to follow.

Fees paid are non-refundable except in the event of cancellation of the course at the organizers’ discretion. Fees are not transferable to other terms.


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Martina Camilleri Bondin

This year has been AMAZING , FUN and I made lots and lots of new friends!! I also learnt many, MANY new things, I even got much more flexible too! I also love the idea that this school gives us lots of opportunities, like in competitions and shows! Apart from that, we have summer school, which is spectacular! It’s a combination of fun and learning, which is perfect! To summarize, this is the best experience of my life joining this school Thank you millions,

Jean Karl Grech

As a parent, I look for activities that bring out the best in my child’s character, build confidence, encourage discipline, and entice physical development. JCDC hits the mark on all aspects and more. My daughter is ecstatic to belong to the JCDC family and will not have it any other way.


Being a JCDC student myself in my younger years, the choice for my daughter was obvious. JCDC has a professional, yet fun environment that feels like family. The teaching method used is disciplined and at a high level of artistry. And the best part is, my daughter couldn’t be happier!!


Ana Stajkovic Georgalakis

My daughter has been dancing since she was five years old, but has undergone a transformation after walking through your friendly doors, where she feels like her second home . You've encouraged her passion and given her numerous chances to improve her abilities and compete at a higher level. The chances you give your students through rehearsals and competitions along with your super teachers and choreographers, make JCDC truly exceptional. I'm very grateful and thank you for everything!

Melanie Grech
Parent, Ex-student

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