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All About Our Dance Conservatoire

The Right Start

At JCDC we believe in giving equal opportunity to our students and to help them discover and develop their talent to its maximum potential. Students benefit from being exposed to a variety of different dance genres being offered which vary from Ballet to Modern, Tap, Spanish and Contemporary.

Students' Enrollment is open to children from the age of 3 years. Students will be expected to attend classes twice a week from the age of 4 years till 9 years. Should they decide to follow the Conservatoire programme for a more professional approach, they will then also benefit from subsidized rates for their training. Our programme includes classes in all the disciplines available at the school up to an advanced level.


JCDC is Licensed so parents can benefit from Tax Rebates on fees paid for their child's dance education. Students also have the possibility to sit for examinations which are regulated by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) and accredited internationally.

Safe & Professional teaching
Personalized Attention

The members of staff are chosen not only for their artistic background and teaching experience but also for their ability to communicate with young people, providing a secure and stable environment in which students can develop their own creative abilities. Staff members are encouraged to liaise with students, on an individual basis, to discuss their progress throughout the course attended, making them constantly aware of their development.


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JCDC is home to the budding dancer - the child who dreams of becoming the best they can be. While allowing the student to be introspective and diligent, the tuition is captivating and genuine, leaving us dancers always wanting more and more. At the conservatoire, one finds the artist that lives within, friends for a lifetime and a family who shares the same unconditional love and passion for dance.

Our daughter says that JCDC makes her feel part of a family. Under the meticulous direction of Ms. Johane Casabene the Conservatoire runs by extremely talented, energetic and humble teachers, superb front desk staff making sure that each class is well organised and that each student gets the full attention to all the little details. As our daughter progresses through her dancing journey, at JCDC she is not only learning the fundamentals and applications of dancing through the different genres and the discipline it requires but she is discovering her passion, strength, ability and confidence in this fine art.

At JCDC I found my second home. All the teachers are very loving, supportive, caring and amazing! I’ve been dancing at JCDC for 9 years now. I attend classes in  classical ballet, commercial, modern theatre dance and contemporary. I took part  in many shows and competitions, I loved every second of it. I totally recommend going to JCDC as here you dance, you have fun and you build a lot of memories to cherish forever.

Hailey Debattista

Klara Vassallo

Vanessa Elvin

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