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JCDC Dance Disciplines

Classical Ballet
Classical training creates in the student dancer a sense of discipline and, physical and aesthetic awareness of ‘placement’ and ‘line’.  This is absolutely essential to the provision of a solid foundation on which to build other dancing and non-dancing performance skills. Our dance programme has a large number of ballet classes, supervised by highly qualified tutors, who possess both academic and performance experience.
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Contemporary Dance
Our programme places great emphasis on the importance of a close student/teacher relationship and uses methods based Graham, Cunningham and Limón. The course provides a rich vocabulary of dance techniques ensuring that both the aesthetic and physical aspect of current contemporary dance are truly explored.  Students are taught to pace and analyse their work and are carefully monitored throughout their training.

Modern Theatre - Jazz Dance
A very thorough system of jazz dance technique is undertaken since this has a proven track record of training professional dancers. It is based on the work of the pioneering jazz dancers. The technique provides an exhaustive system of complex isolation exercises, which are a logical extension to a classical training.     A dancer properly schooled in this technique acquires a high degree of co-ordination, together with facility for analysing movement, which is an essential skill required for making rapid adjustment to the various styles encountered in the course of a professional career.

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Tap Dance
Tap has its roots in the United States due to the migration of many Northern Europeans especially the Irish and the many Negro slaves in the USA. The combination of their forms of singing and dancing meant tap was on its way. Tap is a special blend of sound, rhythm and movement. Nowadays it is a much more sophisticated dance style having a place on stage and film. At the Dance Conservatoire we can offer classes for a wide range of talent and experience from young children to adults and it is a unique way to dance and feel the rhythm!

Spanish Dance

The Johane Casabene Dance Conservatoire also offers classes specialising in Spanish Dance. Visiting artists and highly qualified teachers pass on their knowledge and expertise to all lovers of Classical and Flamenco Dance.

 Classes are run by qualified tutors from the Spanish Dance Society. Students learn the syllabus of the Spanish Dance Society, the world’s largest organisation for the advancement of Spanish Dance in all its forms. Grade, Vocational grade and Teacher Examination levels are also held at the  school.


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Commercial Dance
The Johane Casabene Dance Conservatoire also offers classes Our commercial dance classes are designed to blend various dance styles such as hip-hop, and street dance, creating a dynamic and high-energy experience. Suitable for all skill levels, these classes focus on choreography commonly seen in music videos and live performances, ensuring you stay current with the latest trends. Join us to enhance your performance skills, boost your confidence, and dance like a professional!


Angie Cutajar

Both my daughters attend JCDC since they were 4, from the start they loved going as the environment was always fun and engaging. After 10 years all I can say is that Ms Johane and all her talented staff are absolutely amazing! They helped my girls to grow and develop in so many ways, their confidence, focus and attention, believing in them selves and have inspired them to develop the passion for dance. Looking ahead to many more fantastic years to come along with more opportunities to showcase their talents. I strongly recommend the school to others.

Jean Karl Grech

As a parent, I look for activities that bring out the best in my child’s character, build confidence, encourage discipline, and entice physical development. JCDC hits the mark on all aspects and more. My daughter is ecstatic to belong to the JCDC family and will not have it any other way.


Being a JCDC student myself in my younger years, the choice for my daughter was obvious. JCDC has a professional, yet fun environment that feels like family. The teaching method used is disciplined and at a high level of artistry. And the best part is, my daughter couldn’t be happier!!


Ana Stajkovic Georgalakis

My daughter has been dancing since she was five years old, but has undergone a transformation after walking through your friendly doors, where she feels like her second home . You've encouraged her passion and given her numerous chances to improve her abilities and compete at a higher level. The chances you give your students through rehearsals and competitions along with your super teachers and choreographers, make JCDC truly exceptional. I'm very grateful and thank you for everything!

Melanie Grech
Parent, Ex-student

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