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Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme

The Royal Ballet School has recently developed a new programme offering an innovative training and assessment scheme designed specifically for recreational dance schools.  The Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme (ATAP) aims to extend The Royal Ballet School’s ethos to local recreational dance teachers and their students, giving teachers the autonomy to guide and assess their own students’ learning.  


For more detailed information on the programme, please see the link below: 


The benefits of the Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme for students include: 

• Greater autonomy, deeper learning and appreciation of the art form as a whole 

• Enjoyment of the learning process  

• Enhanced creativity and art appreciation through the study of repertoire and choreography  

• A solid technical foundation, high-quality movement ability and performance quality  

• Participation in a holistic approach to ballet training that reflects current teaching pedagogy and approaches. 


Ballet vocabulary, as well as the study of repertoire, choreography, creative tasks, and art form appreciation is all part of the ATAP method. This approach differs from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), where students practice a set syllabus and are assessed on this set work. We have been utilising this new ATAP approach in classes for several months and have observed significant benefits to the students’ learning and development. The students have thoroughly enjoyed learning repertoire and creating their own work, aspects that are vital for developing a greater appreciation of dance. A


At JCDC, we will incorporate a combination of ISTD and ATAP exams as students progress through their training. As with ISTD exams, ATAP assessments will be taken when teachers believe students are prepared and have reached their full potential at each level. 


The length of study at each level is approximately the same as the ISTD; however, the levels are slightly different.  


We are very excited to be part of this new initiative and look forward to watching your children grow and develop both artistically and technically over the coming months and years. 

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