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Our Mission

To Nurture & Promote the Art of Dance...

The JCDC is a fully licensed educational institution providing dance training for students of all ages.

Dance is an appreciated art form and this is clear when one sees the big number of students taking dance classes. Although it is true that not all have the required quality, many are those who, with professional training, would make beautiful dancers.

However, the perfection of the technique required for professional dancers can only be achieved with hours of specialised training daily.  

The Conservatoire provides the necessary framework for this.



Romina Scicluna Vassallo

JCDC is an excellent dance school, with highly professional, hard working and caring teachers. They teach with passion and dedication and give  meticulous feedback.  The performances are outstanding and professional as choreography, costumes, music and stage are all given prominence. The school gives the feeling of a second home!

Being a JCDC student myself in my younger years, the choice for my daughter was obvious. JCDC has a professional, yet fun environment that feels like family. The teaching method used is disciplined and at a high level of artistry. And the best part is, my daughter couldn’t be happier!!


Ana Stajkovic Georgalakis

My daughter has been dancing since she was five years old, but has undergone a transformation after walking through your friendly doors, where she feels like her second home . You've encouraged her passion and given her numerous chances to improve her abilities and compete at a higher level. The chances you give your students through rehearsals and competitions along with your super teachers and choreographers, make JCDC truly exceptional. I'm very grateful and thank you for everything!

Melanie Grech
Parent, Ex-student

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